Public content is available at this time.  Posts will be added as the playlist is populated on our YouTube channel.

For now, the membership content is not ready, so please enjoy the public content while we begin this new project.

This blog was started June 20, 2019, so there is not much content yet!  See GETTING STARTED

To Do



  • Program Plan Diagram
  • The remainder of this list will be completed as the YouTube videos are published.

PROGRAMS (Proposed)

  • A Career in Homesteading (This program plan will be the pilot so we can test and tweak our plans before the other programs are launched.)
  • Homestead Set Up
  • Domestic Kitchen (and Cottage Foods)
  • Buying Club
  • Dinner Club
  • Market Garden
  • Web Site (how we set up and manage our sites)


  • Launch the main site (
  • Launch the homestead blog
  • Set up the store
Updated: June 21, 2019 — 12:00 am

The Author

Colleen Crawford

Child of Yehova (God), Follower of Yeshua (Jesus), Wife of Wesley, Artist, Budding Musician, Blogger, (and I spend a lot of time flow charting things and planning way too much!)