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How I Process Ideas

Homesteads are known for a very long project lists! But what if we also add a market garden, a domestic kitchen, a buying club and an outreach to the homeless?

The projects are endless.

Some kind of a system is needed to manage everything, and I don’t want the traditional systems. I want to have fun, and a story plot is fun.


1. Filmed at the property we call Secret Haven, located in Knoxville, Tennessee.
2. Story Plot Diagram: Briefly shown in the video. We’ll be doing videos about this plot diagram in the future.
3. Program Management Plot Diagram: This is a one page overview of the major phases f how we’re managing programs. Our Projects and Program Management series will go in depth for each of these phases.


  • Initiation Phase

Add the key items to the program plan index that needs to be included in the Initiation Phase.

  • Lead Sheet

Ideas are going to come from multiple people, and project requests will need to be put on a lead sheet.  This way, employees, interns, volunteers and others can submit project ideas to consider.  

This is the first step for people associated with our organization to get a project jotted down for consideration.

Template needs to be created.

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