Public content is available at this time.  Posts will be added as the playlist is populated on our YouTube channel.

For now, the membership content is not ready, so please enjoy the public content while we begin this new project.

This blog was started June 20, 2019, so there is not much content yet!  See GETTING STARTED

Getting Started in Project and Program Management

Projects and Program Management - Like telling a story

Draft Logo

Projects and Program Management (or just Project Management for short) is a blog within the City Homestead site.  It’s an open source approach to having fun with all the projects we want to manage.

It’s June 20, 2019, and we have added a new playlist to our YouTube channel (new tab opens) and we hope you’ll become a part of our team as we explore a career in homesteading.

We have broken this massive idea into management phases and some of the content will be free to the public, while some is reserved for members only.

Please visit our About Projects page for more information; including how we define the difference between programs and projects, our subscription price, and what we are documenting (and the phases we propose).

We begin at the very beginning.  We have to create the plan templates first, so we can test the plan on our first program:  A Career in Homesteading.


When we post our journal entries, we may have action items that need to be completed before we can move on.  You’ll see a TO DO LIST at the bottom of the posts that have tasks to do.  If they are hyperlinked, then we’ve completed the task and you can follow the link and see the results.  Some of the contents may be limited to members only.

Since this blog is new, we have some framework to get set up!

This page gives an overview of this blog, the membership information, and the proposed phases of program and project management City Homestead will use.

(Draft completed)  Attached to this page.  See above, or you can click the link to see the details about the logo and the plans for animating it.

Blog trailer has been completed.  It shows the status of the Secret Haven homestead, a massive program plan being burned up, and the start of a new program plan.

Since this is a massive project we are exploring, it will be helpful to know what to expect.  This index page will be the “site map” for our templates, in the order we have in our program manager’s binder.  You’ll be able to create your own binder if you want, because we’ll be doing a video on how our binder is set up for each program.

  • Create the organization list.

These are the tools we use to manage everything.  We’ll be going over the details of these tools, but for now, we’re getting the ‘framework’ of this blog set up.

  • Create the Program Management Diagram

This is the big picture program management diagram that will keep us focused on the topic at hand.  It consists of several major phases.

The Author

Colleen Crawford

Child of Yehova (God), Follower of Yeshua (Jesus), Wife of Wesley, Artist, Budding Musician, Blogger, (and I spend a lot of time flow charting things and planning way too much!)

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