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The hives already exist on the Secret Haven property. What we need to do is make a bee book to set up records for each hive. Of 15 hives, only 4 are active. The State of Tennessee bee inspector combined the weak hives (2 of them had no queen) with the strong hives.


  • State of Tennessee requires that bees are registered. This has been completed.
  • Bees can not be moved without a State of Tennessee health inspection.


We are working towards a monthly inspection, by our staff, with a trained beekeeper.

  • Health inspection by the State of Tennessee.
    • March 12, 2017: Bees have been checked out initially by Mike Studer.
  • Certificate of health letter.
    • October 16, 2017: Thorough inspection by the State of Tennessee. Issues found:
      • Hive beetles
      • Mice nest
      • Earwigs
      • 2 hives without a queen
      • 1 hot hive (combined with a milder hive)
      • 1 hive close to swarming – keep watch on the hive and search for the portion that left the hive.
    • Certificate of health issued on October 16, 2017. Results: Healthy Hives
  • Clearing out weeds from around the hives.
  • Several yellow jackets nests have to be removed in order to protect the honeybees.


  • October 16, 2017: State of Tennessee inspector found an unused hive that was being robbed of its honey by the other hive bees. We received 2 full frames of honey and some partial frames. We left one of the frames for the bees that didn’t want to stop robbing the honey. It was a distraction frame to keep them from following us to our truck because they wanted the rest of the frames.
  • The honey is incredibly good!

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