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The hives already exist on the Secret Haven property. What we need to do is make a bee book to set up records for each hive. Of 15 hives, only 4 are active. The State of Tennessee bee inspector combined the weak hives (2 of them had no queen) with the strong hives.

Requirements State of Tennessee requires that bees are registered. This has been completed. Bees can not be moved without a State of Tennessee health inspection. Health

We are working towards a monthly inspection, by our staff, with a trained beekeeper.

Health inspection by the State of Tennessee. March 12, 2017: Bees have been checked out initially by Mike Studer. Certificate of health letter. October 16, 2017: Thorough inspection by the State of Tennessee. Issues found: Hive beetles Mice nest Earwigs 2 hives without a queen 1 hot hive (combined with a milder hive) 1 hive close to swarming – keep watch on the hive and search for the portion that left the hive. Certificate of health issued on October 16, 2017. Results: Healthy Hives Clearing out weeds from around the hives. Several yellow jackets nests have to be removed in order to protect the honeybees. Honey [Click headline title to read more…]

City Homestead Project Section

The core project categories and pages have been set up. As we post journal entries in the main City Homestead section, we will populate the project pages with details.

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